Wood Floor Care and Maintenance

Keep Your Wood Floor Clean-Sand and dirt will scratch and wear any flooring material. Use mats and rugs both indoors and outdoors at entryways to minimize the amount of dirt and sand tracked onto your floor. Vacuum regularly to remove sand and dirt from your floor to prevent scratching and wear.

Protect your Wood floor Against High Traffic-In areas such as hallways and stairways, consider the use of a runner to protect against excessive wear. If an area of high traffic shows excessive wear, it is always easier to screen and recoat the floor before the damage becomes too severe, at which point the floor would need to be sanded and completely refinished.

Protect your wood flooring when moving heavy object-Use a blanket or moving pad under furniture and other heavy objects, and carefully slide the object to avoid denting and scratching.

Avoid Liquid spills- Water and other liquids pose a huge threat to your wood floor. Wipe-up all spills immediately with a damp(not wet) rag.

Use appropriate Cleaning and Maintenance Products- There are many products on the market designed to clean and maintain wood floors. Avoid wet mopping and the use of oil soaps, both of which can cause warping/cupping of your wood floor.

Control Humidity- Water also poses a threat to your wood floor in the form of humidity. Relative Humidity (RH) should be kept between 35% and 65%, with 45% – 55% being ideal range. RH can be measured with the use of an inexpensive device called hygrometer.

Avoid Spike Heels and Pet Nails- Both of which can scratch and dent your floor.