Millar Family Has Donated War Medallions to the Museum

The 2 First World War death medallions have an odd story. The medallions had been missing for so long and they belonged to the Millar family. Millar family found one of two in their lawn after it was missing for about 70 years.

A few years ago, a relative from Georgia contacted the family and he told then he had one of two death medallions of 2 brothers from Westville, John Robert Millar and William Lindsay Millar. Both of them died in action in First World War. He said that he was going to send the medallion he had back to the family in the Westville, however, he did not have any idea about the second medallion that where it was.

A nephew of the 2 dead brothers, Granville Millar, had been gathering information about his uncles’ time at war for years he heard the news about the second medallion. Millar said, “My uncle took one of the medallions with him when he immigrated to Pennsylvania. But other one was lost. But apparently, it was their mother who had it stored away.”

In the same year, a family member, Eric Sharpe, found it in the grass between his and his wife’s mother’s house. It was hidden by the grass for about 70 years. That’s why one of them is tarnished and other one is quite good in shape.

They found the medallions two years and Millar family has recently donated 2 death medallions to Pictou County Military Museum in Westville.

Vincent Joyce, founder and president of the museum, said that the death medallions were indeed enlarged British pennies that given to the Canadian families by Government, however, they must have a family member died in the war. The medallions were separated for 70 years and are now encased together.