Live and Online Auction of Remarkable Blue Moon Coins

Like every other month live and online auction of Blue Moon Coin will be held in 18th Sept starting from 10 am. In addition with lots of certified gold and silver coins, junk silver, silver coins, bullion coins and custom-built NGC MS 70 Early Releases Anniversary collection of American Silver Eagles will be placed in the auction. A rare collection of 87 .999 pure silver medals will be the focus of this month’s auction.

The Society of Medalists was established in 1930 in order to promote metallic arts annually commissioned prominent sculptors to create medals that were then cast in bronze and later silver. This series of coins are built based to represent the currents of thought in science, arts, religion, philosophy, literature, culture, nature, mythology and even current events.

Blue Moon Coins were from 1930 to 1935. The most remarkable three of this auction are Charles Lindbergh & Spirit of Lone Eagle (1932) in Lot 168, Genesis & Web of Destiny (1949) in Lot 160 and “The Races of Man” (1955) in Lot 195.

The $20 double eagle gold coin and the $10 Indian head gold coin Charles Lindbergh & Spirit of Lone Eagle was designed by an American expatriate sculptor Frederick MacMonnies. He studied under Augustus Saint-Gaudens and well known for his sculpture of American Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale, MacMonnies fashioned the Charles Lindbergh medal, fourth in the Society of Medalists series.

Genesis & Web of Destiny was created by an architectural sculptor Adolph Weinman. He is well known for his numismatic designs of the walking Liberty half dollar and the Mercury dime.

“The Races of Man” is a series of 105 sculptures of Malvina Hoffman’s lifework. She started to design them in 1930. She worked many years in Field Museum of Natural History of Chicago. If you are one of the artistic medallion lovers, participate in this auction and bid for your favorite slot.