Keep Yourself Healthy with Wooden Floor

If you are thinking of installing carpets on your hall, think again and you might change your decision after reading this post. Yes my words do have a sound reason and it concerns about your health issues.

During the rainy season your pavements turns into muddy puddles and then you curse yourself for buying carpet, as you have to hop around on one leg so that you don’t put footprint on your carpet. But that’s not the only bad news. A recent research from the University of Arizona has discovered that 99 percent of bacteria on our shoes can be transmitted to carpets inside our properties which is pretty alarming for health.

It becomes worse when a study showed that few severe bacteria like E.coli are present in our shoes while roaming outside and we carry it with us to our home. So now you can understand the threat to health of keeping your floor dirty.

Cleaning carpets can be pretty difficult sometime, I am not talking about dust or mud, I am talking about germs and bacteria. We all know no one can guarantee a germ free carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Because of this, it would be more sensible to install solid wood floors in your home rather than tilling or carpet. Installing solid wood flooring means, no trapping of germs, unlike carpets you can easily and quickly wash dirt and germs. You can keep your wooden floor clean regularly with a damp mop and anti-bacterial solution.

Wooden floors have some safety measures also like you can’t allow the water to stand on it so that water can’t cause any damage to the floor. Therefore you have to squeeze excess water out from the damp mop. Keep yourself healthy with wooden floor.