Installation of Artistic Ceiling Medallion

Artistic medallions have become one of the most important tools for home decoration from a long time. Now you’ll find tons of excellent medallions and choose one that will match with your interior decoration. When you pick one you have to be careful about the design and color so that it won’t conflict with your existing flooring. Nice medallions are easy to finding and getting but the most important part is the installation. Here, we’ll discuss about how to install ceiling medallions.

First of all you have to dry and make the medallion ready for mount. If you want you can paint the medallion but before installation process make sure it’s dry. A regular paint brush and latex paint would be enough. If you’re in a jiffy you can use spray paint because it goes on quickly and dries within minutes.

Your medallion is ready to install? Now turn of the electricity. If your medallion has pre-drilled hole then you’re good to go. If not then make the cut according to your ceiling and wire plan. Once the holes are placed put your screw into it and make it tighten enough so that it won’t fell off.

You can put a polyurethane adhesive on the back side of the medallion to secure it up to the ceiling. When the medallion is in right place then put together your electricity devices like fans.

Then you have to put back the connection of the electricity. Make sure the wires are securely connected. Then put the power back and you’re done. Now your room is decorated with an artistic ceiling medallion. If you need to paint then you can paint around the medallion where it met with the ceiling.