Ceiling decoration with artistic medallions

From the 14th century artistic medallions have become most important part in decoration. Beautiful medallions can be made of wood or metal with different style. Anyone can change the whole outlook of his living place with a simple touch of stylish medallions. It’s not so tough to place medallions even in ceiling decoration. Here’s straight easy way to go for installing ceiling medallions.

First of all you’ll be needed essential tools and materials. The medallion that will suit your decoration perfectly, needle-nose pliers, wire nuts, circuit tester, screws, paintable latex caulk, adhesive caulk, spackle or wood filter, putty knife, paintbrush and paint in desired color and drill with countersink bit will be enough. Now you’re ready to start installing.

Turn off power at circuit before you do anything. Loosen escutcheon plate and remove it. After disconnecting wire nuts put your circuit tester on the wire and be sure about the power is actually off. Then remove your existing fixture.

You’ll have to drill into your medallion with countersink bit.
These pilot holes will recess screw heads with a finished, clean look. Also, you can paint the medallion after drilling. Face down the decorative side when threading fixture chain and wiring through medallion.

Securely reconnect electrical wires, hang fixture chains and close any gap. Best to use a heavy adhesive caulk in the back and then press the medallion against ceiling. Don’t over-tighten the screws just secure the medallion with ceiling. Make sure screws will hold the medallion until adhesive dries.

Use the paintable latex caulk to caulk gaps around medallion perimeter. Patch the screw heads securely. When patching compound dries use lightly sand with the paint that will help to increase the strength.

It may seem difficult to choose one from various artistic medallions. Choose one wisely which will perfectly present your taste and match with decoration.