Wood Flooring: Types


Wooden flooring has become a popular choice among people for home and office interiors. Fashionable woods are now employed in making radiant and beautiful floors. There are many things to consider to get a nice looking wooden floor. The first task ahead is the choice of hardwood to use. Then the installation method or the pattern which is very important as the beauty of flooring greatly lies in the way the woods are laid. It is essential to know that there are some differences between the floor type and wood variety.

Hardwood products vary in types, not like the laminate wood which is of a single type. With these varieties, flooring with hardwood can however be categorically classified into three major types. These types could either be unfinished (which will be finished later after installation), or the pre-unfinished version, which would have been polished before installation. As regards the three main types of solid wood flooring are:

1.The hardwood strip flooring: this type includes wood with set width and usually a varying thickness. The width is available in 1.5 inches, 2 inches and 2.25 inches. However, the thickness varies from 0.31(5/16) inches to 0.75(3/4) inches. It gives a linear shape with much beautiful traditional look. With the current price of installation, you can have it installed at $8 per square foot.

2. The plank hardwood: Unlike the strip wood flooring, the width of plank flooring may vary. Its thickness is available only in two; 0.5 inches and 0.75 inches. When the width varies, it does so from 3 inches to 8 inches. This type usually gives a casual look with price of $12 per square foot for installation.

3. Parquet flooring: this is the third type of hardwood flooring. This is a unique type, it is made of wood slates with geometrical patterns. These wood slates are held tightly together by mechanical fastening or by using adhesives. This methodology makes this type range from simple to complex styles of installation. As a result, its installation price ranges from $7 to$11 per square foot.

Wooden floors need to be well maintained. here are some steps and cautions that need to be taken. The first among these steps is protection from furniture legs damaging the floors. Chairs and tables should not be dragged on wood flooring, in order to protect the wood flooring from damages, it is advisable to put flannel coaster under the furniture legs. In addition, the floor should be kept save from moisture and the use of soaked mop; instead, use a damp cloth to clean dirt or stain.

Care for Wood Flooring


Wood flooring is expensive but the best of best quality wood is destructible in case of improper use or poor maintenance. When wood flooring is maintained properly, it last very long and retains its decorating properties. To keep your home save you need to maintain the flooring carefully and also have enough insurance coverage.

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How to Choose the Right Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors not only add warmth and beauty to your room, but they are also a great way to increase your home’s value. When it comes about choosing, there are too many different styles of hardwood flooring available, including exotic and domestic species, bamboo and cork. You may buy prefinished hardwood that is already stained or finished with coding which is stronger than most site-applied finishes. We make it easy for you to gather information about hardwood flooring.

There are many types of hardwood floors that can match anyone’s style. When you go about buying the right hardwood, consider following factors:

Janka Hardness Rating:
Janka Hardness Rating is very important to learn about the relative hardness of the wood species. The test measures the force required to embed a steel ball (.44” in diameter) to half of its diameter in the piece of 3/4” solid wood being tested. The higher the number, the harder the wood.

There are domestic species like maple, oak and cherry as well as exotic species like Brazilian cherry, cork and bamboo. Each of the species comes with distinct grain pattern. Remember different species have different degrees of hardness.

Most of the domestic species of wood come in a variety range of colors. On the other hand, most of the exotic species aren’t stained because their natural color is so popular. Some exotic species are photosensitive.
The floors having a width of 3 inches are apparently gaining popularity. Width is factor that can easily change the look of a floor since the wider the plank, the fewer the seams that can be visible in the floor.

There are many types of textures available to choose from, including hand-scraped, smooth, distressed and wire-brushed.

Millar Family Has Donated War Medallions to the Museum

The 2 First World War death medallions have an odd story. The medallions had been missing for so long and they belonged to the Millar family. Millar family found one of two in their lawn after it was missing for about 70 years.

A few years ago, a relative from Georgia contacted the family and he told then he had one of two death medallions of 2 brothers from Westville, John Robert Millar and William Lindsay Millar. Both of them died in action in First World War. He said that he was going to send the medallion he had back to the family in the Westville, however, he did not have any idea about the second medallion that where it was.

A nephew of the 2 dead brothers, Granville Millar, had been gathering information about his uncles’ time at war for years he heard the news about the second medallion. Millar said, “My uncle took one of the medallions with him when he immigrated to Pennsylvania. But other one was lost. But apparently, it was their mother who had it stored away.”

In the same year, a family member, Eric Sharpe, found it in the grass between his and his wife’s mother’s house. It was hidden by the grass for about 70 years. That’s why one of them is tarnished and other one is quite good in shape.

They found the medallions two years and Millar family has recently donated 2 death medallions to Pictou County Military Museum in Westville.

Vincent Joyce, founder and president of the museum, said that the death medallions were indeed enlarged British pennies that given to the Canadian families by Government, however, they must have a family member died in the war. The medallions were separated for 70 years and are now encased together.

Decorate Home with Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring

Almost 70 percent of the floors of United States are decorated with carpet. The scenario is pretty much same in the other parts of the world. Carpet is one of the most popular traditions of floor covering. Despite its popularity carpet is the source of maximum dirt, dust and allergies. The time has come to get rid of the long last tradition of decorating home with carpet. The cost effective new wood flooring technology is becoming today’s trend of home decoration.

Not only can it represent your fine taste of decoration its eco-friendly and long lasting than most of the other approaches. Think out of your box and do something that will worth something for the future generations. Removing the old carpet is quite easy. Often we remove what we don’t need anymore and leave it for the garbage man to pick up.

Rather than just rolling up the old carpet and throw it away we should think about the recycle of it. There are many organizations which gladly promotes the recycling of old carpets. Carpet America Recovery Effort covers across United States.

Look for new or used eco-friendly floor planning and you’ll easily find options for any style and budget combination. From a variety of options like reclaimed wood flooring, recycled glass tile flooring, decorated concrete flooring or eco-friendly carpet choose the one that will suit best with your decoration and existing styling.

Whatever wood flooring you choose it really doesn’t matter, the key to install any eco-friendly flooring option is to avoid using any noxious chemicals. If you need any chemicals to be used as adhesives or finishes make sure to choose the eco-friendly alternatives. Almost every company provides installation guide with the product, follow it and stay eco-friendly.

Installation of Artistic Ceiling Medallion

Artistic medallions have become one of the most important tools for home decoration from a long time. Now you’ll find tons of excellent medallions and choose one that will match with your interior decoration. When you pick one you have to be careful about the design and color so that it won’t conflict with your existing flooring. Nice medallions are easy to finding and getting but the most important part is the installation. Here, we’ll discuss about how to install ceiling medallions.

First of all you have to dry and make the medallion ready for mount. If you want you can paint the medallion but before installation process make sure it’s dry. A regular paint brush and latex paint would be enough. If you’re in a jiffy you can use spray paint because it goes on quickly and dries within minutes.

Your medallion is ready to install? Now turn of the electricity. If your medallion has pre-drilled hole then you’re good to go. If not then make the cut according to your ceiling and wire plan. Once the holes are placed put your screw into it and make it tighten enough so that it won’t fell off.

You can put a polyurethane adhesive on the back side of the medallion to secure it up to the ceiling. When the medallion is in right place then put together your electricity devices like fans.

Then you have to put back the connection of the electricity. Make sure the wires are securely connected. Then put the power back and you’re done. Now your room is decorated with an artistic ceiling medallion. If you need to paint then you can paint around the medallion where it met with the ceiling.

Keep Yourself Healthy with Wooden Floor

If you are thinking of installing carpets on your hall, think again and you might change your decision after reading this post. Yes my words do have a sound reason and it concerns about your health issues.

During the rainy season your pavements turns into muddy puddles and then you curse yourself for buying carpet, as you have to hop around on one leg so that you don’t put footprint on your carpet. But that’s not the only bad news. A recent research from the University of Arizona has discovered that 99 percent of bacteria on our shoes can be transmitted to carpets inside our properties which is pretty alarming for health.

It becomes worse when a study showed that few severe bacteria like E.coli are present in our shoes while roaming outside and we carry it with us to our home. So now you can understand the threat to health of keeping your floor dirty.

Cleaning carpets can be pretty difficult sometime, I am not talking about dust or mud, I am talking about germs and bacteria. We all know no one can guarantee a germ free carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Because of this, it would be more sensible to install solid wood floors in your home rather than tilling or carpet. Installing solid wood flooring means, no trapping of germs, unlike carpets you can easily and quickly wash dirt and germs. You can keep your wooden floor clean regularly with a damp mop and anti-bacterial solution.

Wooden floors have some safety measures also like you can’t allow the water to stand on it so that water can’t cause any damage to the floor. Therefore you have to squeeze excess water out from the damp mop. Keep yourself healthy with wooden floor.

Decorate your home with Artistic Medallions and Represent your taste beautifully

Modern decoration is mostly referred as go along with the new and elegance. In home decoration though there are several approaches which have lasted long enough and will always have a place in tasteful peoples house decoration but it’s better if you can twist the style of your own and give them uniqueness. Decoration home with artistic medallions is one of the approaches which have been started long ago.

With the passage of time the style and approach have been changed numerous times. Now you can easily find the modernize versions which go along perfectly with your stylish interior decoration. The most fun part is you can use them anywhere you wish and they don’t even complain! This will be quite different from classic Norman Rockwell paintings but nothing to worry; you can come up with outstanding modern style that your family will love all season long.

Some may worry about the placement and beauty of the decoration with other modern interior decoration materials. But need nothing to panic; beautiful medallions amazingly play along with classic style and natural materials. Most of the time you can get simple, elegant and friendly environment that can turn the whole scenario of your interior decoration.

Artistic people put a lot importance in holiday decoration. Hanging stockings is the mandatory part of holiday decoration. You can choose classic kitsch and modern fun. Don’t get tensed if you choose non-traditional colors for your stockings. Modern medallions perfectly adjust with the decoration.

From a very long time artistic medallions have become important materials in interior decoration. With the latest trends you can furnish your home with elegant look and style. The diversity in styles and colors suits perfectly for fashionable minds.

Live and Online Auction of Remarkable Blue Moon Coins

Like every other month live and online auction of Blue Moon Coin will be held in 18th Sept starting from 10 am. In addition with lots of certified gold and silver coins, junk silver, silver coins, bullion coins and custom-built NGC MS 70 Early Releases Anniversary collection of American Silver Eagles will be placed in the auction. A rare collection of 87 .999 pure silver medals will be the focus of this month’s auction.

The Society of Medalists was established in 1930 in order to promote metallic arts annually commissioned prominent sculptors to create medals that were then cast in bronze and later silver. This series of coins are built based to represent the currents of thought in science, arts, religion, philosophy, literature, culture, nature, mythology and even current events.

Blue Moon Coins were from 1930 to 1935. The most remarkable three of this auction are Charles Lindbergh & Spirit of Lone Eagle (1932) in Lot 168, Genesis & Web of Destiny (1949) in Lot 160 and “The Races of Man” (1955) in Lot 195.

The $20 double eagle gold coin and the $10 Indian head gold coin Charles Lindbergh & Spirit of Lone Eagle was designed by an American expatriate sculptor Frederick MacMonnies. He studied under Augustus Saint-Gaudens and well known for his sculpture of American Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale, MacMonnies fashioned the Charles Lindbergh medal, fourth in the Society of Medalists series.

Genesis & Web of Destiny was created by an architectural sculptor Adolph Weinman. He is well known for his numismatic designs of the walking Liberty half dollar and the Mercury dime.

“The Races of Man” is a series of 105 sculptures of Malvina Hoffman’s lifework. She started to design them in 1930. She worked many years in Field Museum of Natural History of Chicago. If you are one of the artistic medallion lovers, participate in this auction and bid for your favorite slot.

Decorate Your Home with Solid or Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has become most popular in the recent few years. New technology and advancement in flooring has played important role in this popularity. This advancement made it possible to have wood flooring in anywhere in your home. Where ever you want to put or how you want to decorate your home with wood flooring you can choose from different types of flooring and use different mechanisms.

Upon your choice you can determine from two different types of flooring available in the present market. Solid wood flooring and more flexible to use engineered wood flooring. The types of flooring you will choose and use mostly depends on the placement and way of using.

Solid wood flooring stands exactly with the names, a solid piece of wood from top to the bottom though the thickness can vary. If you want you can use any thickness of your choice but normally solid wood flooring ranges from ¾’’ to 5/16’’. In present market engineered flooring is more popular then solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring also comes handy with many benefits remarkable one is it can be refinished and sanded many times. On above or on a grade solid wood flooring can be installed.

On the other hand market leading engineered wood floors are real wood floors. Using three to nine layers of different wood veneers engineered wood floors are manufactured. In the sub layers, same types of wood or different types of wood can be used. In engineered wood flooring, grain of each layer runs in different directions. It gives the opportunity to expand or contract less in humidity and temperature which makes it very stable. In the top layer high quality woods are used. It cannot be refinished or sanded many times like solid wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring can be used above, on or below grade.