Wood Flooring: Types


Wooden flooring has become a popular choice among people for home and office interiors. Fashionable woods are now employed in making radiant and beautiful floors. There are many things to consider to get a nice looking wooden floor. The first task ahead is the choice of hardwood to use. Then the installation method or the pattern which is very important as the beauty of flooring greatly lies in the way the woods are laid. It is essential to know that there are some differences between the floor type and wood variety.

Hardwood products vary in types, not like the laminate wood which is of a single type. With these varieties, flooring with hardwood can however be categorically classified into three major types. These types could either be unfinished (which will be finished later after installation), or the pre-unfinished version, which would have been polished before installation. As regards the three main types of solid wood flooring are:

1.The hardwood strip flooring: this type includes wood with set width and usually a varying thickness. The width is available in 1.5 inches, 2 inches and 2.25 inches. However, the thickness varies from 0.31(5/16) inches to 0.75(3/4) inches. It gives a linear shape with much beautiful traditional look. With the current price of installation, you can have it installed at $8 per square foot.

2. The plank hardwood: Unlike the strip wood flooring, the width of plank flooring may vary. Its thickness is available only in two; 0.5 inches and 0.75 inches. When the width varies, it does so from 3 inches to 8 inches. This type usually gives a casual look with price of $12 per square foot for installation.

3. Parquet flooring: this is the third type of hardwood flooring. This is a unique type, it is made of wood slates with geometrical patterns. These wood slates are held tightly together by mechanical fastening or by using adhesives. This methodology makes this type range from simple to complex styles of installation. As a result, its installation price ranges from $7 to$11 per square foot.

Wooden floors need to be well maintained. here are some steps and cautions that need to be taken. The first among these steps is protection from furniture legs damaging the floors. Chairs and tables should not be dragged on wood flooring, in order to protect the wood flooring from damages, it is advisable to put flannel coaster under the furniture legs. In addition, the floor should be kept save from moisture and the use of soaked mop; instead, use a damp cloth to clean dirt or stain.

Care for Wood Flooring


Wood flooring is expensive but the best of best quality wood is destructible in case of improper use or poor maintenance. When wood flooring is maintained properly, it last very long and retains its decorating properties. To keep your home save you need to maintain the flooring carefully and also have enough insurance coverage.

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Wood Floor Care and Maintenance

Keep Your Wood Floor Clean-Sand and dirt will scratch and wear any flooring material. Use mats and rugs both indoors and outdoors at entryways to minimize the amount of dirt and sand tracked onto your floor. Vacuum regularly to remove sand and dirt from your floor to prevent scratching and wear.

Protect your Wood floor Against High Traffic-In areas such as hallways and stairways, consider the use of a runner to protect against excessive wear. If an area of high traffic shows excessive wear, it is always easier to screen and recoat the floor before the damage becomes too severe, at which point the floor would need to be sanded and completely refinished.

Protect your wood flooring when moving heavy object-Use a blanket or moving pad under furniture and other heavy objects, and carefully slide the object to avoid denting and scratching.

Avoid Liquid spills- Water and other liquids pose a huge threat to your wood floor. Wipe-up all spills immediately with a damp(not wet) rag.

Use appropriate Cleaning and Maintenance Products- There are many products on the market designed to clean and maintain wood floors. Avoid wet mopping and the use of oil soaps, both of which can cause warping/cupping of your wood floor.

Control Humidity- Water also poses a threat to your wood floor in the form of humidity. Relative Humidity (RH) should be kept between 35% and 65%, with 45% – 55% being ideal range. RH can be measured with the use of an inexpensive device called hygrometer.

Avoid Spike Heels and Pet Nails- Both of which can scratch and dent your floor.

Hardwood Medallions

Hardwood Medallions

The artistic medallions are all hand-crafted from the same species of hardwood that are offered as tongue and groove (T&G) flooring. These units are preassembled, presanded and sealed, on a furniture-grade plywood backing for easy installation. There are many different designs, and have many more available on special order.

All medallions are sold presanded and sealed to match beautifully with new or existing hardwood flooring. Can also create custom inlays to the specifications of the discriminating customer; from company logos and insignias to exquisite artisanal designs that span the entire floor. [Read more…]

WoodBoo and Bamboo

WoodBoo and Bamboo

WoodBoo is a revolutionary line engineered flooring products that employ a hardwood wear layer over a multi-ply Bamboo substrate. These prefinished products feature a small microbevel and are suitable for residential and light commercial use.

WoodBoo’s conceptual ingenuity is its combination of certified and rapidly-renewable materials with Low VOC emissions; its mechanical ingenuity is clearly illustrated by a cross section of the product.

WFI Bamboo is a high-performance prefinished product manufactured with better raw materials and a higher level of quality control than the competition. It features rapidly-renewable materials assembled with a Low VOC adhesive.

In addition to classic bamboo configurations, WFI Bamboo is also available as a strandwoven product for a unqiue look and penultimate durability – twice the density and hardness of normal bamboo products (2800 Janka).

Sika Adhesive Systems

Sika Adhesive Systems

Sika brand wood floor are engineered for outstanding performance as well as environmental responsibility, making them ideal for Green Building projects.

Sika brand adhesive systems bond both solid and engineered wood flooring directly to concrete, gypsum, plywood, or nearly any other stable substrate. In addition, these products have excellent sound dampening qualities and are compatible with radiant heat.

Sika brand adhesive systems are manufacturer-recommended for use with all brand wood flooring, and can help earn one LEED point for low-emitting materials (EQc4.1). [Read more…]

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Exotic Hardwood Collection encompasses some of the most unique and beautiful species in the world. Most of these species have high Janka ratings, making these wood flooring products many times more dent-resistant than standard oaks.
All of the tongue and groove (T&G) exotic flooring is premium grade, environmentally responsible, and manufactured to the highest standards. Many of these products are available 100% FSC Certified, making them ideal for LEED Certified and Green Building projects. Using our FSC certified exotics can contribute to points in the LEED certification of a building project (MRc7). [Read more…]

Domestic Hardwood Flooring

Domestic Hardwood Flooring

Domestic Hardwood Collection is where high-quality meets “green”. All domestic wood species that we offer are available 100% FSC Certified. This allows you to capture a traditional look while doing your part for the environment.

All of the tongue and groove (T&G) domestic flooring is available in multiple grades, from regional wood species, and manufactured to the highest standards. These products are ideal for LEED Certified and Green Building projects. Using our FSC certified domestics can contribute to points in the LEED certification of a building project (MRc7 and MRc5). [Read more…]

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring encompasses a wide range of domestic and exotic species. These products are milled from antique timbers which are recovered from historical buildings. There is a finite supply of these antique wood products, and each has a story to tell, which is why these products are highly coveted by those of discriminating taste.

Reclaimed hardwood products are environmentally responsible because they are manufactured from salvaged materials, and contain 100% recycled content. Using these reclaimed products can contribute to multiple LEED points in the certification of Green Building projects (MRc3 and MRc5). [Read more…]