A New Method: Wood Flooring from Wine Barrels

While the demands of wood flooring is increasing day by day, Joe Triglia who owns the Jubilee flooring in Long Island, has been working on how to turn the discarded wine barrels into nice wood flooring. Now the US Forest Service’s Forest Products Laboratory has come forward helping him to achieve the quest.

Most of the wine barrels in the United States are made of white oak. The industry uses those for 1 to 5 years. It is notable that the barrels that are discarded are a significant source of wood. While most of the people don’t think about the fate of these barrels, Triglia thought there is a great chance of reusing these woods. Why not use the barrels to make something more valuable?

However, turning these barrels into wood flooring needs to have knowledge on straightening wood. So Triglia went for the solutions through internet and stopped by a research paper that is authored by John Hunt, Forest Products Lab engineer. The paper describes using microwave drying process in straighten lumber. Triglia found it very useful and he said this is what he was looking for.

The Triglia went to the Forest Products Lab; and together with Hunt, he experimented with the pilot-scale equipment. The results were very impressive. They found how to move these waste materials into valued products. According to Triglia, this was a great partnership, a perfect example when industry and government work together. They were able to use this research outputs for a commercial application.

After patenting this new method, Triglia is now working on developing an agreement with Hunt to continue their surprising partnership. He said, “Often new ideas come on our head, but we don’t have the technical support. Coming to the lab was a revelation for me and this place is what I needed.