Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring encompasses a wide range of domestic and exotic species. These products are milled from antique timbers which are recovered from historical buildings. There is a finite supply of these antique wood products, and each has a story to tell, which is why these products are highly coveted by those of discriminating taste.

Reclaimed hardwood products are environmentally responsible because they are manufactured from salvaged materials, and contain 100% recycled content. Using these reclaimed products can contribute to multiple LEED points in the certification of Green Building projects (MRc3 and MRc5).

Reclaimed wood flooring products have been air-drying for 100-200 years prior to kiln drying. This slow drying makes these products harder and more durable than their “new” counterparts which are harvested from standing timbers. These products also exhibit a rich patina that only time can create.

Heart PineLongleaf Pine is the wood that built America. This durable wood was the primary choice for construction when America was first colonized, from building ships to log cabins. JG Architectural Antique Heart Pine is #1 Grade for the utmost quality.

Rich golden-red hues are characteristic of the heartwood in this species, which contrasts slightly with cream colored sapwood. This product is as hard as Oak, making it a very durable choice.

Peroba (Brazilian Barnwood) This beautiful species of Brazilian wood was commonly used in construction hundreds of years ago. However, generations of exploitation has made the Peroba scare, and it is now illegal to harvest in South America.

American OakThis timeless species of wood will always be a part of American Heritage. Like Red Oak, it has been sought-after for its strength and durability.

Red and White oak both have a strong open grain, and a warm color pallet, which contrasts sharply with blackened halos around splits and old nail holes. This species can also exhibit worm holes, which often yields a more “rustic” looking floor.

Wormy ChestnutThis beautiful species of wood was once abundant in North America, but was dessimated by blight in the early 1900’s, nearly driving it to extinction.

Over the course of time, insects have bored through antique Chestnut timbers, leaving patterns of holes and scars on the wood. This makes Wormy Chestnut one of the most sought-after products for its rarity and rustic appeal.

Wormy MapleThis classic American wood has been used for generations, and is one of the hardest and most durable species indigenous to North America.

Over the course of time, insects have bored through antique Maple timbers, leaving patterns of holes and scars on the wood. This gives Wormy Maple a more rustic look than “new” maple products.